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Shaping culture and character | life in the city Originally uploaded by kiprosopia

A Challenge of Cyprus in participation in Venice Biennale of Architecture in fall.
A great opportunity to create and renew concept of architecture that can represent Cyprus and emerging tendencies.

“The idea is to help individuals and society relate to architecture, help architecture relate to individuals and society, and help individuals and society relate to one another”.
“Can architecture clarify the new values and new lifestyles of the XXI century? This exhibition will be an opportunity to experiment with the potential of architecture, to understand how it can express new ways of living, and to show that it is the product of different values and approaches.” explained Kazuyo Sejima.
The recent Pritzker award winner is the first woman architect to curate the exhibition and is to generate a lot of expectations.

Cyprus Participation References: Encounters: A Walking Movie
Christakis Chatzichristou
Commissioner: Petros Dymiotis. Deputy Commissioner: Angela Skordi.
Curator: Christakis Chatzichristou. Deputy Curator: Aimilios Michael.
Scientific Committee: Marios Christodoulides, Vera Efthymiou-Parlalidou, Stefanos Fereos, Biron Ioannou, Charis Pelapaissiotis, Chrysanthos Pissarides, Panayiota Pyla.
Venue: Palazzo Malipiero (2nd floor), S. Marco 3198 (Campo S. Samuele)
Webs: La Biennale, Venice;  Cyprus