Five impressions of Cyprus as a destination

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You can almost envision the froth from which Aphrodite , the Goddess of love, majestically arose to the surface riding on a sea shell.

Aphrodite’s  calling may not be your most convincing argument to Visit Cyprus,  surely there may be more than one argument that can do it for you.  Here below we have made out a list of 5 impressions that may help you in choosing Cyprus as a destination of choice for your next travel to the Mediterranean:

1. Hospitality –  As in most destinations, once you escape commercial circuits – you will discover that honest and warm hospitality in Cyprus does make a difference.  Since Cyprus is an Island, you may not have to travel far and the inland routes visiting monasteries or wineries is a great excuse to mingle with and enjoy local taste.  It won’t be occasions that you will be missing, Cyprus hospitality is part of Cultural expression and experience, how else could have a country attracted so many civilizations and still come out in modern times as an independent state.

2.Natural Variety – be it beaches, pleasant scenery, biosphere reserves or heritage – this you will find with a flavor that  defines eastern Mediterranean territorial wealth. Marine life and biosphere reserves still exist to give us an idea of what it meant to be the greenest of Islands in the Mediterranean in antiquity. Some of the best regions testimonial to this are in Platres, at the heart of the Troodos Mountain range,  the Akamas Peninsula near Pafos and the wonderful beaches of Ayia Napa and Protaras for bathing and sailing.  That which will definitely surprise you is that Troodos in the winter, is a place for snow and skiing. If all this activity is too much for you and what you are in for is a well deserved escape with 100% pampering, you will be in good hands at any of the full service resorts which have been servicing a cosmopolitan clientèle for the last 30 years.

3.Cultural Heritage – Cyprus has been on cultural migratory routes for the last 10.000 years. Evolving with most influential civilizations, Greek, Venetians, Byzantine, even under occupation, Cyprus culture was to achieve cultural tolerance in its time.   So expect richness in architecture, art, mosaics, archeological findings, faith based heritage dating back to the 3rd Century BC  and where the villages throughout Cyprus but especially in Troodos,  are home to UNESCO world heritage with painted churches and rich iconography art.  In modern times, Cyprus inherited British style for driving, administration, education…a touch organization with the right mix of Mediterranean improvisation that will ensure your tranquility and ease of mind.

4.Cypriot Taste – food with local flavor exists in 2 forms just as in the rest of the world, slow food and fast food. Your typical fast food is a Slouvaki and your slow equivalent is having Mezedes.  A Mezze is the most social event at the table you can experience; where  all types of salads, meats and fish ‘appetizers’  are shared across the table. Whereas Souvlaki are individual portions of charcoaled cooked meat in Pitta bread, you will find it very appreciative to accompany a quick lunch or dinner with a Keo or Carlsberg as local brews.  Local wines have tremendously evolved as well with lots of labels to meet your palate’s desire. Either way, you will want to end the meal with a typical Mesopotamian Coffee and if you are lucky, you may even have a look into your future from the coffee deposit in your cup.

5. Festive Cyprus – If it’s for celebrating  4,000 years of wine-making, at the Lemesos Wine festival in August, the Kataklysmos Water festival in Spring,  or the local fest in your neighboring village,  Festivals are great occasion for blending to experience the warmth of local expression and rhythm.   Cyprus is also especially well known for its brilliant nightlife, with numerous occasion for enjoying distractions from beach parties to different bars, restaurants and nightclubs – all in all Cyprus attractions are evolving with the times and taste of travelers today, thus meeting the needs for great golfing, yachting, bird watching, diving, extreme sports like kitesurfing, or more family entertainment around waterparks or donkey rides.

By now you surely may have some hints at to how you will be mesmerized by the rich experiences to be lived on the Island of Cyprus bathed by the Mediterranean. So why not make it to Cyprus  this summer? As you know, summers in Cyprus are as they should be – they come early and are long lasting. The time is right – feel welcome.

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