Kato Pyrgos, Cyprus destination of Excellence in Sustainable Tourism

Posted on 2010/05/26 by



Kato Pyrgos achieves breaks away with isolation with recognition by the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) program promoting sustainable tourism  across the European Union.

Kato Pyrgos has demostrated being a destinations showing economically viable tourism developed based on this year’s EDEN theme. This years theme being Aquatic Sustainable Tourism, provides an opportunity for demonstrating the wealth of diversity in Cyprus which includes natural resources, historical heritage, local traditions in line with emerging sustainable development in tourism.

Kato Pyrgos as a prized destination, is a lesser known enclave in the northwest of Cyprus between the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea and the Troodos mountains. This less crowded destination is now able to show its uniqueness and also able to work towards making your next visit into an unforgettable experience in Cyprus.

We would like to congratulate the winning destinations that will best reflect the theme of the year, Aquatic Sustainable Tourism which offers a unique tourism experience, in line with sustainable development.