Does Jennifer Lopez travel and sing freely?

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Travel and Music have a common denominator; both are free, free in the sense of freedom not of money.
People can listen or make the music the want. There are no limits in creating and listening music. Dictators and democrats who tried to limit music making and music listening have failed. It comes to my mind the prohibition of Mikis Theodorakis music in Greece during the dictatorship, the prohibition of musicians in the Eastern European block (Soviet era) or even the Vatican that does not approve many of Madonna’s songs.
In travel, we experienced the same, prohibitions and closed boarders, limitations and black lists.
In Cyprus,  before the opening of the roadblocks that lead to the occupied territories,  Greek and Turkish Cypriots had no contact for 30 years. Today the roadblocks are open, are open for visitors and locals.
Jennifer Lopez can visit Cyprus as everyone else does. She is free to travel to our island, I repeat, our island, island of love and hospitality. She is free to visit and stay as many Greek Cypriots do in the occupied territories and many Turkish Cypriots do in the non occupied territories.
We feel bad she chose to land in an illegal airport and she is not singing for all the Cypriots while being insensitive. We want to welcome her in Cyprus because Cyprus is one, Kyrenia is probably the most beautiful place in Cyprus and it’s ours, is our land our town.
We doubt that JLO stands for values that are unlike her, and we know now how difficult it is to reconsider her performance but her whole trip and special day may be compromised due to the ill-chosen date of the anniversary of the Cyprus invasion in 1974.
We like her music, we love the fact that she will be visiting our island but we feel she may have compromised her visit and her special stay with us in Cyprus.
Jennifer, you can travel and sing freely, but respect the people who like your music!!
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