The complexity of Beauty

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Complexity of beauty - Saburo Teshigawara

Miroku - the dance of the soul

Inspired in One of the great international artists working in dance today,  Saburo Teshigawara, I would like render myself to the principles of exploring visual beauty, rigor, and clarity.

In Miroku one of his latest spectacles, he explores space and light, extremity and velocity, creating an eternity beyond time where everything harmonizes with delicate yet powerful tension.

Few are the art forms that can achieve the combination and expression  set by his art, the settings, lighting, and costume designs for all his performances.

Where lies this energy required, that which reaches the heart and shakes us into a tormented reality that would seem difficult to overcome?  Where lies the energy to maintain the artist state of perpetual search to move on, innovate and grow?

The artist believes,  all that he feels, thinks and imagines are in perpetual motion, all aligned with his body and metabolism.  This is a conviction that forms part of his dance, and for however small or intricate, it is that which makes it revolutionary.

So, as in the spectacle of nature, all intricate parts contribute to the tension of expressive beauty – and while I contemplate the Sea Shores of the Mediterranean or the Nature at Akamas, I wonder why on earth I wouldn’t want to preserve every intricate part.

Texts by Saburo Teshigawara: Mirror and Music

A clear blue sky, as empty as a hungry stomach
A mirror doesn’t cast the past
Nothing appears on the surface of a mirror
You can see through it, but nothing exists
Mirror and… music, duplify the world
Our world is already broken behind the mirror
Hidden People behind the mirror
Refractive index of light
Solubility of light
Body and music
The flow of respiring music
Numbers will melt and disappear, if infinitely multiplied
At night
The sun smells of a burnt shadow
A clear blue sky, as empty as a hungry stomach
Countless breaths come and go
A pilot avoiding the radio wave
Poem of humidity

Photo Credit: Bengt Wanselius

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