Summer and the bus that used to be

Posted on 2010/07/26 by


Bus relics are common photo attractions because of the pleasing color contrasts. But for the keen-eyed photographer, these relics make statements as witnesses of a time that is no longer. In a bus like this thousands of students made the trip back and forth to school and that means going back some 30 years easy…where most children today will not miss the experience , especially with the car and parental availability made so indispensable today. Until today I had all but forgotten about the experience;   this wonderful picture has a new role as a landmark to the public transportation system in Cyprus, with its needs for a light and swift and more sustainable future. So yes, I’m thankful for this new summer bus that reminds me to keep pushing for new ways of making use of current technology so as to make public transport as useful and rich in experiences as it used to be.

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