Underwater photography reveals the appreciation for Larnaka among divers

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Zenovia, lanarka underwater artificial reefThe underwater world of Larnaka, offers every beach lover, an unexpected and open invitation to experience the surprising of the underwater biodiversity of Cyprus.  This special year celebrating the Aquatic theme for Excellent destinations of Europe, we believe Larnaka ought to receive a special consideration granted the spectacular effort of the Larnaka Municipality to entice people in discovering the uncharted waters of tourism routes in Cyprus.

Although most expert underwater divers have already had the privilege to experience The Zenobia, as an underwater landmark, for most common mortals, this should be on every visitor’s list.  As much as we would like to remain objective, it’s undeniable that continued support towards underwater photography contests will contribute to extending the appreciation that Larnaka has gained internationally among divers and other underwater lovers.

Today, 12 of the best chosen photographs comprise Larnaka’s municipality calender, a testimonial to the beauty of the landmark and the underwater life that has sprung in and around the Zenovia shipwreck. Explore the photography with us.

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Larnaka Underwater Treasures

Update 2014:

Don’t miss out on the ZenobiaWeek – a week long event in June around the theme of diving in and around the underwater sanctuary in Larnaka.

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