Shanghai seduced by Cyprus on Pavilion day

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Pavilion day in Shanghai Expo 2010

The dancing troupe Diastasis

Dancers from the troupe ‘Diastansis’ marked the highlight of the events marking the National Pavilion Day of Cyprus at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai on  Aug. 28, 2010.

Mr. Neoclis Sylikiotis, interior minister of Cyprus, made an official address marking the celebrations of Penintachronon of the founding of the Republic of Cyprus,

Sylikiotis also remarked that Expo 2010 is an impressive major event and its theme “Better City, Better Life” cares about urban people’s life qualities. He said that the world’s cities regardless of size or location all face the same challenge: using sustainable development to improve people’s lives.

The island’s participation, specifically projects an independent Cypriot state as an amalgam of traditions and innovations.  Mr. Wang Li, Deputy Commissioner of state administration, appreciated Cyprus’s theme “City of Interaction,”  as the country’s interaction between nature and humanity, history and the future, tradition and technology, and its people of different cultures – a wonderful opportunity for enhancing mutual political trust and promoting ties for cooperation between China and Cyprus.

With various exhibits onsite,  the “House of Venus” takes visitors to an acquaintance with the rich history and culture of the island. Through a feast of colors and images showing the development of cities from ancient times until today, while celebrating 50 years of Independence, the participation at the Expo is yet another ambitious attempt to cultivate the vision of Cyprus for  years to come.

The country’s pavilion is at the Europe Joint Pavilion I in Zone C. The Pavilion features sections on “Past,” “Present,” “Centre” and “Future.” World Expo in Shanghai

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