Biodiversity brings more challenges to Tourism than conservation

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Cyprus tourism from Biodiversity

The reality facing Tourism is that it is a competitive and specialized commercial sector, which does not have in its nature, the prioritization of development of society over profits.  Not only is this not a shareholder priority, it’s a practical impossibility for CEO’s to have this as part of their play-book. Operating with tight margins, the small scale nature of most enterprises have little margin for risk taking.

Although it would seem logical to think that it is the private tourism sector that should have the prime interest in managing the multiplying economic effects and impacts of biodiversity along the value chain. What really hurts an industry, is it’s incapacity to adopt innovative business practices that could actually expand economic opportunities represents today’s challenge.

In an industry confronted by sectorial and institutional limitations, the challenges posed by climate change,  provides an opportunity for leadership, innovation with Biodiversity to collaborate among businesses, the scientific community and the dedicated NGOs, to set new heights of excellence for Cyprus as a tourism destination that address the needs of generating economic value while adopting strategies that exceed returns for society, visitor value and enhancement of ecosystems

The time is not only for answers, but for taking the steps to look for new forms of collaborative and networking alternatives that will compensate the risks of waiting that business gets back to being as usual again.

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