Tourism in need of a cultural narrative

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Heeding the call for action around the issues of Biodiversity Loss and climate change may sound at times, just like another environmental campaign or even may be interpreted as disguised eco-tourism advertising for Tourism.
That’s what it can  seen on the surface, but quickly recompose yourself and get over the fact that you were not educated to care for the environment, nor to be empathic for that matter.
Our understanding of our human nature has been based on a model of the human being that makes little sense today and even less to perpetuate current products and services for a tourism driven by needs anchored in materialistic, rational, pleasure-seeking and competitive selfishness. These types of clients for the tourism industry are to become extinct in the next years.  Environmental challenges have become inevitably global challenges by the way of how our thinking and our it has evolved in the past decade, whereby understanding that everything we do intimately affects everyone else on this planet.  This Biosphere consciousness has elevated the importance of local action and raises the chances that we as individuals can influence collective action independently.

As we discover our empathic nature reflected by our instincts of travel and tourism – we love to frame our experiences based on stories we read, share with one another.  We discover that it is the storytelling that inspires us to act, to discover places and experience new territories and new ways to connect with people.

If our objective is to deal with climate change by bringing human race together and establish a new economic paradigm to save the planet, it just may be that we may have to reinvent the narrative, our mission and how we express ourselves.  It’s a fact that our cultural awakening won’t just happen because of Biodiversity loss and climate change.

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