Sea, Sun, Science and humanity in Cyprus

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Researchers’ Night 2010 – Unveiling humanity of the research community in Cyprus

Tη «Βραδιά του Ερευνητή» Researchers’ Night 2010 is a pan-European fiesta whose aim is to give an insight on the human motivations of research professionals and doing away with the traditional view of researchers as oddities detached from society, belonging to a theoretic world.

Researchers' Night in CyprusNumerous universities and research centers of Cyprus are coming together under the theme Sea+Sun+Science for an evening where participants will become more familiar with the universe of research and the solutions for which local and international scientists are working on from currently residing on the island. Participants will realize that, beyond any separating differences, areas of study, training, professional careers, etc. there is a huge bond and interest in furthering their knowledge and commitment to society through their work.

This event pretends to set researchers in a different light,  as persons fully involved in their work and their strive for usefulness to society.  We often forget that studious minds have also personalities to be discovered and it is up close, in spite of their expertise in respective fields, that we get a chance to partake with their great sense of humor and huge interest to learn from others, which also offers a very attractive opportunity for young students who are currently making life decisions.
Who knows, you may actually run into or get to understand first-hand the emerging work of Future Nobel Prize winning research.

Sponsored by the EU, The Research Promotion Foundation in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology, and the Lemesos Municipality where the University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, the European University of Cyprus, Nicosia University, the University of Frederick, the Agricultural Research Institute and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, are participating to set up an event that will allow you to meet up front and personal some of the brilliant minds and their research interests on the Island.

Event Information:

The event will be held on Friday 24 September 2010, at the Lanitis Carobmill Complex in Lemesos, from 18:00 to 24:00. The entrance is free, and families and children are all welcome.
Web Contact: Research Promotion Foundation

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