Christmas in Limassol is about Riding into the world of Fairy Tales

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christmas in limmassol - your travels, your treasuresIt is under the theme of ‘Riding into the world of Fairytales’ that Christmas in Limassol will be celebrated. Ayios Vasilis (Santa Claus in Cyprus) will be steering away into the streets of Limassol for Christmas, with entertainment and lots of activities centered around crafts and storytelling.

The genuine festive spirit that will lighten the hearts and revive the spirit of Ayios Vasilis will fill the City’s square for children and adults alike. Enjoy the Handicraft workshop ‘A Bicycle-Ride in the world of Fairytales’ which enable children to immerse themselves through paint, table-games, tale-books, jewellery, clay, decorations in the endless mix of charm and myths.

Limassol - Christmas riding and fairy talesThe Bicyle theme has also been extended so that all can ejoy a real ride with Santa Claus and his Sleigh, distributing gifs and fun in the city.

The tribute to Christmas by the city of Limassol also involves the arts and music, performances from Charles Dickens and greek narratives will bring us closer to marionette theatre and local folk art with concerts by the Municipal choirs and band.All in all, the city of Limassol will warm our hearts with cheer and typical Cypriot Christmas charm. Feel invited to participate.

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