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Green in Cyprus is a word that does not carry a very positive associative meaning, contrary to cultural hearsay. To Cypriots, the ‘ Green Line’ carries much emotional distress,  to what it seems a perpetual separation between communities, but fortunately it is a division which nature seems to often ignore.

Rolling hills of rural CyprusAside from the drama in Cypriot society, with the passage of time, winter and spring do consistently bring back the green and life to this blessed island of the eastern Mediterranean. The absolutely stunning greens of the undulant hillsides, deep gorges and valleys of the island’s interior, against the blinding white of limestone cliffs and outcroppings, are jaw-dropping.
We enjoyed reading the personal account about an eco-friendly-cyprus as experienced by the authors from the Green Traveler Guide who openly wondered: are we  in New Zealand?

We all recognize that ecology in Cyprus is not a an emergent concept, judging by high penetration of solar heaters, but environmental practice in terms of renewable energy, sustainability, recycling, development and biodiversity loss prevention, may have longer strides before reaching 2020 objectives as set by different international Conventions.

As the blog post very well recognizes, The Cyprus Countryside is where it’s soul still lives. An authentic traditional life still present and accessible makes it for a satisfying travel experience to a 1st world economy.  From the Wines making villages of Limassol, to the Olive oil and the traditional Carob plantations, the eastern Mediterranean Charm has lots of seduction going for it, both for excellent vistas but also from an informative view point of how traditional customs are passed on or adapted to modern use.

Highlights of the Visit:

  • Mountain Villages of Anogyra
  • Museum of Olive Oil, by Oleastro
  • Village of Mavros Chrysos Carob Factory Museum
  • Wine Routes of Cyprus
  • Taste of Cypriot hospitality
  • A glorious meal at Cypriot Tavern
  • The tastes of the wild Cyprus
  • Troodos Sustainable tourism

Opa to the post and our best wishes for the new year 2011

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