The seasons of Laneia marry well with Cyprus wines

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Cyprus wine producing villages revive with culture and creativity

Laneia (Lania) village is a charming village, restored and only 20 minutes drive from the town of Limassol towards the Troodos mountains.  One can imagine, being at relative altitude, how it can serve as a refuge from the heat in summer, and although it is quite enjoyable during the mild winters, the best comes from enjoying the change of seasons.

It appears that Laneia gets its name from Lana, daughter of the Greek god of wine, Dionysos. As testimonial as are the deep roots of the village to vine-growing and wine-making, Laneia is well known for the high quality of its grapes and wines, a reputation dating back to Henry I of France who found in Cyprus vines to restore the country’s champagne vineyards that were destroyed by disease. The King found in the house of Rousos of Lania, the plants that were then shipped back to France and used to replant the precious Champagne vineyards.

An added attraction of Laneia is its vein for  artistic inspiration, a place favored by artists that live there and are instilling life through their creations which are being promoted and exposed in the village.

Following cobbled paths, an impressive Church of Panagia Chrysolanitissa built in the traditional way dominates the centre of the village were among other treasures, the old icon of Virgin Mary of Valanas is situated.  A selection of tavernas are available in the village offering a wide range of traditional food and local wine produced locally.

As Commandaria and Zivania are readily available, you can sit back and taste the life in Laneia, which makes plenty of good sense to any trip to Cyprus worth your while.

Lania enjoys the very best climate, escaping the searing lowland summer heat to views of the snow-laden slopes of Troodos during the cool winters.
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