Child’s play – the magic of snow in Troodos

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Latest snow falls brings back playtime for kids and grown-ups alike

Troodos CyprusIt is still a miracle to have a ski center on the island, especially with global warming alerts,  so enjoyment of the snow is a must and probably double the thrill.  Now, its up to the people to show demand and a renewed interest for the slopes in the winter and everytime there’s snow on the Troodos slopes.

Skiing in Troodos is FUN, like a gift from nature and though the runs may be short, the courses are still part of the FIS race calender for march 2011.  The beauty is making time for ski during weekdays, where you may be virtually alone, whereas the the weekends usually get very crowded. Despite the season being short, testimonials have it that but you get all snow conditions imaginable, from powder snow light and fluffy, to ice  and then sludge.

If you live on the island or just visiting over the season, the best is to give the mountain slopes a visit; you can be back to the city or to the beach in no time. Check out Giannis run to the mountains by playing the video below.

Contacts in Troodos:

Sun Valley centre (Aphrodite and Hermes lifts)
Cafeteria: +357 (25) 420165
Ski shop: +357 (25) 420104

North Face centre (Zeus and Hera lifts)

Dias Restaurant:
+357 (25) 420105

Catch realtime Snow Status: Troodos Slope Web Cam;

Photo Credit: Polis Poliviou, a set on Flickr

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