Tales of Aphrodite, and time for savoring Cyprus

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Official visits guided by tourism authorities may pack you with activities on the island of Cyprus, as if tourists were meant to be scampering around palaces, shrines and sanctuaries.
As any well traveled advice you may get, Cyprus is best enjoyed with the rhythm set by Islanders, a spirit true to Aphrodite…don’t rush it, you’ll never absorb 10.000 years of cultural heritage in one swing.

Aphrodite, Cyprus’ hometown goddess, rules the roost on this easternmost island of the Mediterranean. On its western coast, tourists pack the cliffs above a rocky bay said to be the lady’s mythical birthplace. A guide explains how she popped up fully grown out of the ocean foam there. Inland, bus loads of tourists are scampering around her palaces, shrines and sanctuaries.

Elsewhere on Cyprus’ must-see list are attractions such as the Sanctuary of Apollo, the ancient city-kingdoms of Kourion and Amathous, the modern-day resort cities of Limassol, Larnaka, Pafos and Ayia Napa, and the museum-packed capital city of Nicosia.
Ashore, besides traipsing through long lines of shops selling local handicrafts and trinkets, tourists pack dozens of tavernas offering traditional Cypriot “meze” dishes — seafood or meat plates with vegetables, Halloumi cheese, pita breads and olives on the side, typically washed down with a local spirit known as Zivania. Meze servings can involve up to 20 dishes, so it’s wise to nibble rather than finish everything on the plates

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