Going all the way in experiencing Cyprus, savoring the wild

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Celebrity travelers or fam trips participants guided by official visits may sometimes feel themselves as if tourism was meant to be scampering around palaces, shrines and sanctuaries in record time.

Despite recognizable efforts by mass media communication to juxtapose a different image, the fact is, that in Cyprus there is more hospitality to be offered than tourism.

It’s not until you distance yourself from the coast, that you can find what is to be sought: the release that Cyprus has to offer from savoring the wild treasures with typical Mediterranean style.


But not until we left the crowded sea coast, with its overbuilt beaches and honky-tonk hotels, did we find something of the release we were looking for: wild greens gathered and hoarded; halloumi, the salty local cheese, made from the milk of ewes and sheep; pork buried and pit-smoked with wild oregano, bay and carob leaves.

There we were, on a plane to cyprus, feeling assaulted by the slings and arrows of modern life, and convinced, perhaps perversely, that the farther we traveled and the more obscure our destination, the more rested we would feel.

Call us irrepressible, but here’s the fantasy: We would bake in the cool, dry Cypriot sun, sample the magic of meze, the small appetizer-size dishes which make up a Cypriot meal and, yes, fall in love all over again.

Savoring Cyprus

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