Still missing a new year resolution, pick up Golf at the Aphrodite Hills Academy Club

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Initiation to Golf at Aphrodite Hills Resort, with the launch of the Academy Club

Aphrodite hills resort Academy Club2011 is the year to take up golf with the help of the Golf team at the Aphrodite Resort in Pafos, Cyprus.  With the launch of the new academy, residents and locals alike will have the opportunity to try golf with the hope that a taste for it, will enable you to be inspired to pick up the sport.

Andrew, as leader of the project team, has the aim of introducing golf to nearly 500 people throughout 2011- a logical move, granted the ever expanding interest and facilities that are being projected in Cyprus.

So if you have ever considered trying or wonder what is the intrigue about when your friends talk about golf… now is the time to try.

The concept is simple; any potential golfer can come for a ‘taster lesson’ or ‘introduction’, it will be his job to have everyone go away with sufficient understanding and ability to hit the ball up in the air and a reasonable distance. Tough task you may think, but with many years of introducing golf to thousands of new people, he assures you some success. You may even like it…

Available this month, the launch of a new membership to the ‘Academy Club’ – will be  a stepping stone and a vehicle to make you a golfer.

The Academy Club will run many regular activities including: Monthly group lessons & clinics, Range balls for practice, Unlimited access & play on the 3-hole academy course,  Monthly tournament, Rules & etiquette seminars. Don’t fool yourself, Golf is not easy, but there is nothing like a good initiation program to launch you.


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