At the heart of running in Cyprus, aspire for a personal best at the Marathon event

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The Limassol Marathon has naturally in Cyprus, the ideal destination for an early season sport competition.

It’s recognized as an ideal place for sport and the running event in Limassol (Lemesos) includes a marathon, 10K, 5K, 1K and kids fun run. Offering a relaxing yet competitive environment, it has an added incentive to mixing travel and training for kick-starting the season – A fast race and an opportunity for a best mark too.

With the recent accreditation by international governing bodies AIMS and IAAF, the Limassol Marathon GSO is expanding into an authentic celebration of sport where athletes from the world all over to meet, compete and at the same time enjoy a memorable experience. While in its 5th year, the marathon is in good hands, Mr George Karagiannnis, a former marathon runner, his organization manages successfully year in and year out, the 1,400 runners that come to compete from 14 different countries like Germany, England, belgium, Romania and Greece. Limassol marathon 2011

The Races: 20.Feb 2011 While the highlight is the marathon in itself, the Limassol race also has lots to offer for amateur racers and viable alternatives for casual runners too.  The event ” Run along the waves” has the Marathon; the Half-Marathon; the Atlantica 10K Race;  The EKO 5K race; the 1K charity walk/run and the 1K Kids Fun run. All races is a 42k flat run all the way along the soothing sea front coastal road of Limassol, offering a rare combination of the sea and a mixture of modern buildings and historical remnants. Most races are timed with microchip timing of course, supervised and escorted by the police, traffic free and clearly marked with arches, directional and distance signs. A total of 15 course stations with volunteers offer aid and liquids with access by walky talkies to summon help of professionals as needed; ambulances with doctors and cpr, Physiotherapist, cardiologist, massage and general MD at start / finish, and 2 more points of the course.

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Race Report: Limassol Marathon

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