Limassol to feature serenades and satire at the heart of its Carnival celebrations

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The Limassol City prepares for its Carnival (Apokreo) celebration with fervor and great expectations of participation.

At the heart of Cyprus carnivalWith the election of Miltos Papadopoulos, a renowned city architect, as ‘Queen of the Amazons’ (Βασίλισσας των Αμαζόνων), the festivities are set for the ‘Amazons’ to parade on the 24th of February (Τσικνοπέμπτη) in Limassol, which mark the beginning of 10 days of festivities with a mix of tradition, thematic celebrations, costume parades and serenades that will imprint the character of this year’s festivities.

The expectations are high for this year’s event and organizers are confident of citizen participation leading up to the Grand Parade on March 6th.

It’s expected that up to 60 groups of participants will march in the Grand Parade down Archbishop Makarios III street this year.

Carnival in Cyprus maintains links with customary rituals prior to the fasting of Easter. Known traditionally as, Apokreo, Carnival is unmistakably linked to food, and can be interpreted through meat and cheese, ‘Kreatini’ and ‘Tirini’ weeks give the traditional taste to the festivities and traditions of costume-making and street spectacles.

Progam of events: Cyprus Carnival in Limassol

Photo Credit: Cyprus Limassol Carnival by Ivan C.

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