An oasis of calm and stability for summer travel to Cyprus

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A timely response by stakeholders and key actors in Cyprus Tourism have allowed not only to avert economic risks but also to restore the confidence is making it possible to give what European travelers desire – easier airlift access to Cyprus for the coming 2011 tourism season.

Cyprus tourism competitiveness

The task to recover some of the “missing million” annual visitors from traditional source markets while opening untapped markets in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and the Middle East is today a priority for Cyprus as a destination for tourism and investment.

The  excitement shared this week about new Airline incentives is equal to, “the commitment by the government in shaping the future of tourism development in Cyprus by ensuring strategic collaborations by stakeholders all regional tourism boards, hotel associations, and municipalities of the airports’ for the forging of longer term, higher volume air service development initiatives”, as was quoted Mr. Ken Hassard, Executive manager for Hermes Airports, the operator of Cyprus Airports, in Paphos and Larnaca, and instrumental in forging on-going agreements with airlines.

While it seems that the tourism sector is being reinvigorated with positive news, it seems that new collaborations should set new heights of benefits for travelers looking to Cyprus as a destination for year-round tourism.

We also would like to share our congratulations to the actors for working together to jointly support the 5 year plan that will stimulate new arrivals but also provide a more stable framework for servicing to new and returning visitors alike.

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