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Public recognition goes to Hermes Airports as Cyprus Tourism Organisation signs a collaboration agreement

Publicly recognizing the importance of airline accessibility, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, honors  the work and achievements Hermes Airports for the new air routes development scheme.  It was recently reaffirmed by Chairman Mr. Oroundiotis in his acceptance speech, that the “CTO considers the accessibility of Cyprus by air as a vital ring in the value chain of tourism, on which the marketability of Cyprus is based”.

This is excellent news for visitors to Cyprus which will translate into more attention given to customer service and the single most important factor for tourism to the island – more care in the selection of Airline routes and airline access to the island. Additionally, it will eliminate seasonal variability in the routes – it’s only logical that if the island is to have an all year round tourism  that airline air routes may less uncertain and dependent on opaque business agreements.

It’s a fundamental development that will also reduce business uncertainties and facilitate service preparedness for the sector, which should translate in enhanced consumer service. To our view, it’s a public recognition for the focussed work that Hermes Airport has been conducting and the international recognition of it’s airport services.

Based on the Memorandum of Collaboration, Hermes Airports and the CTO will promote their joint participation in meetings, events, exhibitions, and professional forums aiming to promote Cyprus as a tourist destination. They will also promote the exchange of information and expertise on issues of common interest and co-operate on actions to promote the tourist product of Cyprus. In addition, the Memorandum provides for the establishment of a committee which will meet regularly to review goals and developments.

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