A wall in the sea of communications

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An invitation for open travel and tourism

Embedded in the essence of  Visiting Cyprus this summer has always been the idea of  being able to Travel Freely.  A blog meant break down certain barriers highlighted by the etourism-forum cluster initiative, and a strong belief about the opportunity that travel and tourism represents in opening communications and exchanges between peoples.

Today we ask ourselves, what’s the use of being obsessed with the Cyprus tourism service model, when at it’s essence it’s neither open, nor connected?

We’re  referring to a recent experience by our friends linked to the Mediterraid initiative, an initiative linked to exploring the mediterranean basin of 16 cities, a raid by car supported by different organisations in Italy interested since 2006 in the promotion of good relations between the nations of the Mediterranean.

Well, if your’re on a land tour, and you’ve taken the wrong turn and set sail to Cyprus from Turkey, you will find when landing at the port of Kyrenia, that you’ll have been obliged to take round trip back to Turkey, because there is no other way back to Greece or to any other port for that matter.

As strange as it may seem, that traditional ferry routes to Greece have for years been abandoned with a disregard of information of how and when these services will resume. The outcome is that, should one land in Cyprus from the wrong end, you’re going to feel as hostage, held up by physical walls of communication.  Yes, this is so in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and for journeys made of desperation.

Mediterraid 2011 Giorno 34: Notes from Mediterraid trip to Cyprus

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