Hannides, The New Cyprus Tourism Sheriff fumbles on a draw

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Marios Hannides, Man with a golden heart may just have spoiled his welcome party

Touched by recent criticism, Mr. Hannides, newly appointed as director general  has brushed aside welcoming celebrations as new head of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

Mr. Hannides seems to make good on his threat to sue the Politis Newspaper and the reporting journalists for not having better consideration for his University degree at Hull (UK) and his high school’s academic record as valid academic backgrounds for the new Job.

Visibly, The Politis Newspaper has made a great error in judgement, erroneously believing that the general manager position at the CTO would require Doctoral or Master degree qualifications in Tourism planning and development.

A very fitting plot despite missing out on the Art of a drawing a revolver class, which could have benefited him from fumbling on the most elemental lesson:

“Smooth is fast, Slow is smooth; therefore, slow is fast.”

A  concept in it’s simplicity very hard to put into practice, especially under stress, yet  which can apply to all avenues of life. Don’t thank us, just be Welcomed!

* Below illustrates the heartily man that he is, as published from Interview with Politis during 2011 Elections, where Mr. Hannides  responds to the question of  how psychologically he faces daily human suffering at the Cyprus Heart Foundation:

The Cyprus Heart Foundation, which I served the last eleven years as general manager, defines me as a person. Many times I got to my limits. I struggled with my emotions, I realized what it was a real problem in a family in need. I understood the meaning of life and death.
I am particularly sensitive to this issue, as my father was a heart patient and three underwent heart surgery. I was very young when he suffered a cardiac episode and I experienced the pain and anxiety of a child who does not understand exactly what is happening and feel lost world under his feet. When someone talks about my problem, I can understand what goes and how he feels.
I believe that many aspects of my character I owe to the Heart Foundation. A place that will serve forever, or be there or not. The most beautiful feeling in a man is able to offer those in real need. 

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