Be #Wed, Be Part of our Green Economy on your next visit

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World Environmental Day

The 2012 theme for World Environment Day is Green Economy. The UN Environment Programme defines the Green Economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Large numbers of wetland birds arrive to Cyprus every year, attracted to a variety of areas, such as salt and brackish lakes, freshwater lakes, dams, sewage treatment plants and coastal areas. Some of these wetlands are important at a European and at an international level, and have been recognized by the European Union and international laws and conventions.

If in your wildest dreams, you’ve ever imagined that Cyprus treasures such natural assets, today now you know and we Welcome You, as future visitor or stakeholder to play a big part of our Future Green Economy.

Celebrate World Environmental Day today by valuing and caring for these natural asset with us.

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The Cyprus Biodiversity Act