The Entrepreneurs that did not fit into the #Cy2012eu Agenda

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Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company, is Cypriot registered, and will operate out of a dedicated premises in Tsada in Paphos, with 2 years awaiting for permits, may not see the day of light, despite  backing of the usually influential Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA).

“So far it’s taken eighteen months and we are still not open,” he said. “We have filed all the paper work and paid the fees. We completed a substantial check list about 14 months ago. Customs said that everything appeared to be in order and that almost certainly we would have our licence to brew in two weeks’ time. But then it was rejected by customs in Nicosia.”

The family has already invested around 750,000 euros in the new venture and costs are escalating on a daily basis, caused by delays to the start of production. Out of frustration, Melanie and Laura decided to start a petition which has already garnered over 600 signatures of support in just over a week, in desperate attempt to save the project while relevant government departments seem at a loss as how to handle their request for a licence.

Help Out – Sign the petition online

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