The tourism gap that will not be filled by Cyprus Hoteliers

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The Annual Report 2012 of the Cyprus Hoteliers Association

Reading  about the hope for the Cyprus Tourism Industry, in 2011, expectations for this year’s publication was bound to be promising – 1 year to work to transform the industry.

Annual reports are usually a great opportunity to create content worth sharing, but this year’s  release of the 2012 from Board of Directors of the Cyprus Hotel Association, is anything but plain boredom.

OK, it’s not meant for the general public – but we’re all humans and in dire need of inspiration, or not?

The Annual Report, is 163 pages of information on developments of tourism both internationally and in Cyprus, Capacity and Contribution of the Hotel Industry in the country’s economy and on employment. It also refers to various problems facing the tourism industry, as well as similar views and actions of the Association for resolution.

More can be read about it on the Hotel’s association Website

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