Tourists are no fools, don’t fool yourself Cyprus Tourism

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Answer this easy question to yourself – Do animals read labels?


If tourists have the slightest doubt that their pets or anybody else’s is at risk to indiscriminate poisoning and the blatant cruelty to animals on the island – what is it going to take for formal hotel and travel organisation to react in favor of banning animal poisoning?

Tourist are no fools, they certainly have no need for their travel investments to go to waste in Cyprus.

This has to change voluntarily and proactively. We’re been invited to do kindly today, tomorrow may just get uglier*.

*If in 1 single week, 1.482 have been capable to sign-up to the latest boycott campaign, added to the 43. 967 at the Songbird Slaughter Petition; that’s 50% of tourist arrivals in November 2011 – Who’s not taking this blatant on attack on Nature seriously, is gravely mistaken. What are we waiting for?

** Sign the Petition, don’t be a fool. #noPetFools

Do you Need to locate a Poison alert? Which municipality needs to be on this map – hopefully none!! Maps Maintained by Cyprus Poison Alert – Skippy Kit

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