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A re-baptized ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism to welcome newly appointed minister George Lakkotrypis

George Lakkotrypis - Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and TourismMr. Lakkotrypis has an undeniable link to the development of innovation in Cyprus, as past appointments can attest being currently the public sector director for Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe and having been the past country manager for Microsoft Cyprus.

It can be considered as a bold move for the newly appointed cabinet of  President Anastasiades and for a ministry of trade in such desperate need of a digital awakening. We cannot underestimate the probable impact of  a much awaited renewal which will aim revitalize  institutional approaches to the development of trade relations with relevant implications for commerce and tourism.

Exploiting the potential benefits of e-government schemes is one thing,  going after an all encompassing #digitalagenda, willfully implemented, can establish the basis of a new productivity and life enhancing service revolution on the island. The embrace of thriving innovation that comes from Open, collaborative, and knowledge sharing ecosystem can be the promising launch pad for much awaited economic expansion.

I believe to share with the minister the understanding that only too many times has Cyprus missed potential waves of  technological emancipation, yet this time, the stage is too well set for the Human Integrated Innovation that will enable all of us to go beyond just exploiting natural hydrocarbon resources.  Welcome Mr. Minister and good luck.

About Mr. Lakkotrypis

Mr. Lakkotrypis served as director of Microsoft Cyprus, was until now director of public central and eastern Europe with responsibility of Microsoft’s business unit  in the public sector of 25 countries in Europe and will become the Maronite minister to be appointed to the office of Minister.

– See Greek version of the Cabinet minister announcement can be read at SigmaLive ; photocredit – Sigmalive/Inbusiness

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