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It is understandable with the last weeks of media frenzy around Cyprus and the banking resolutions by Europe that fellow travelers may have doubts in need of being resolved. The latest communication from the Cyprus Hotel Association answering common questions that holiday makers maybe having regarding uncertainties of travel to Cyprus as a result of the banking crisis. Get your doubts dispelled.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can tourists make payments with credit cards and EC cards problem-free? YES

2. Can tourists withdraw money from cash dispensers with their credit cards and EC cards? YES

3. Have you noticed bottlenecks in terms of foodstuffs, medications or gas? NO

4. Will strikes of the public enterprises, e.g. public transportation system/ airlines/airport/ferries, be expected? NO

5. Will museums and sights be opened as usual? YES

6. Have guest reported of hostilities? NO

7. Have you had significant cancellations of bookings in the last two weeks? NO

8. Cyprus’ high season is just around the corner. What is the Hotel Industry forecast for summer season?

The forecast for the summer season was exceptional this year, we were expecting one of the best years ever. However, we noticed eventually a slowdown of the bookings as of this week. We are sure that when the media will not be covering Cyprus as prime news any more, people will regain confidence. As we are very busy for the Latin Easter, guests will leave and share their positive experience with the travel agencies.

Are you travelling to Cyprus? Do you have any doubts? Share them with us and we’ll the answers for you.

Credits to: Special thanks to the Cyprus Hotel Association for the above information and the Larnaka Tourist Board for sharing.

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