A Cyprus Bliss Moment

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May your Mornings be Eternally Strawberried

Nothing like the full flavour taste – biting into a freshly picked strawberry.
Zygi Strawberry fields can be forever now, My bliss moment for a Friday morning.
Cyprus Awesomeness is wild & culinary.
Fraloules zygi bliss

Allow us to remind you about the ongoing crowdfunding effort on the Wildlife Film Series project – Here is a teaser for the Crowfunding campaign – Yet another moment of Bliss in Cyprus.

OUR ISLAND – TEASER 3  on Vimeo.

Below is a conversational supporting effort online that is on going also the following spaces waiting for you to join:

On VimeoMediterranean Treasure and other groups

On IndiegogoCyprus Wildlife Fim Project

On FacebookOur Island Cyprus Film Series

On Twitter@OurIslandCy

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