It’s summer in Cyprus, but is Summer, Cyprus?

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Few days ago, we welcomed, on the ever easily adoptable social media, a new initiative led by Individual Hoteliers in Cyprus. A communication effort to reinstate and reinforce the positive side of Cyprus.

Summer is Cyprus. Welcome to the island whose name is synonymous with summer

The idea being to invite, share and amplify personal experiences through existing social networks – that is facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest and the like. Letting the customer of sorts to do the speaking. We’re not sure about collaborating with the advocate part.

Granted that in this blogging neighbourhood we’ve been rather critical of the silence that reigned on green monday and  the timid response since the media tsunami, I believe this to be very welcoming, especially for those that still haven’t breached the technological gap.

Mind you, the very essence of this blog and the corresponding twitter account were set up for that very purpose. Back in 2010, It was that infamous advertising in football stadiums  that surprised us, as we were commissioned by the CTO for social media, did we discover ‘Visit Cyprus This Summer’ advertising without a story – the typical offline vs online advertising disconnect. Also there still existed the check-point problems for those unaware travellers entering Cyprus by ship from the north, finding it impossible to cross over legally.

So yes, we wanted to take advantage of the Visit Cyprus this Summer  lame claim, to strengthen it, build and tell a story that was missing, overlooked and ignored by advertisers, only slow to realise, that it would have been best to keep our distances from that. That was our reason for being from this view point – traveling freely and genuine summers. Meaningfully, ours was and still is

 Summer in Cyprus is as it should be, it comes early and is long lasting, a true travel treasure

Imagine what you want, but we cannot have received this news ,with other than very mixed feelings; exactly 3 years later, to relive the same advertising surprise. No warnings, no invites (who are we, right?)  and that same urge – that of saving a summer season for Hotels.

It’s all legitimate, sincere and well intentioned – we still herald this as a significant demonstration of what was being published few days back, a genuine feeling of readiness and desire, of going out of our way to meet new expectations – a sort of renewal with a hospitality of old*

Our personal experience ends here for the day, how about yours? Warm Wishes from Cyprus.

Summer in Cyprus

*Extracted from a recent social conversation

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