That evergreen travel experience that would not repeat itself

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Some few weeks ago, we got attracted by a wonderful testimonial about a genuine experience with kids penned and lived by the author Jeremy Head at the Almyra Hotel in Paphos on the alsways useful website

Now as Jeremy clearly explains on his own website, the 101 holiday hotel experience at Almyra  was the coolest and bestest ever had, and the story written about it, top quality content (review) as judged by the editorial team member, Mark Hodson at 101 publishing.

Mark can be read to defend the  website’s policy for evergreen content created because of the ‘valued integrity, experience and knowledge of our authors’ and the service,  ‘that builds a relationship of trust with our readers’.

From the context of a destination or a service provider which also believes in building this trust and invests itself to build a repeat customer experience, and being totally respectful of customers wishes and their appetite to keep on exploring:

How much should one really trust customer reviews or even design by them at all?

3 days ago we captured the thread above and the conversation below – with all due  respect for personal wishes and opinions, we interpret ‘Not that bothered about going back’ – as making it short of memorable and clear that price cutting wasn’t exactly going to improve chances in this particular case for a repeat visit.

Was it the moment, the weather, the energy, lack of desire, the ‘shopping window not dressed well enough’, was it the post-experience….? Should experience providers really build for repeat customers in today’s short-span and short-lived experience economy?

It can be the conundrum or the reality for hospitality,  that however the coolest experience you may provide, you will be faced with such a thing, as an exclusive opportunity that will not be good enough as to be worth repeating.

You may be granted the credit for setting expectations, but if you’re busy building a virtuous circle for repeat customers – rethinking this, may mean going way out of an established comfort zone for luring seasonal repeat visitors.

Are you a repeat customer? What’s your take about repeat visits to  Cyprus?

For more information of The Almyra and kid’s – we suggest a read about the New Kid’s Clubs at Thanos Hotels in Cyprus and the original post that inspired Family travel with babies at 101 Holidays

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