Cyprus hospitality starts on landing

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Adamos Aspris, Hermes Airport Last minute Call for Trade unison

Cyprus Airports are to experience peak air traffic in next two weeks with an estimated 400,000 passengers and 2.500 flights.

Be warned, airports and Cyprus Tourism Services will suffer.  Mr. Aspris has come to call the tourism trade to meet the challenges facing the tourism industry of Cyprus, with a show of solidarity, cohesiveness and hard work , “how important and necessary it is for all of us to work even harder, collectively and mostly in the same direction”.

Every actor can remain committed to its own specific goals and objectives, but who can simultaneously constitute an integral part of a unified planning and strategic development of the tourism product of our country – Adamos Aspris, Hermes Airports spokesperson

Seems like the last minute call by mr. Aspris is more like a wishful thinking out loud which seeks to gain  any responsiveness from outside arriving halls.

Passengers however have been placed on Alert, just as Mr. Mousarris, responses that seem already premonitory – passengers will be unwilling to bear the lack of synchronicity by Cyprus Tourism Trade.

Planning to be strategic Mr. Aspris? Not on my shift!

This seems more likely the sentiment coming from passengers well deserving a break from it all.

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