Limassol Wine Festival Program

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The city of Limassol proudly presents the program to the Wine festivities hosted by the city from the 28th of August until the 9th of September 2013.

Wine Festival 2013
29 August – 8 September

Opening of the Festival in the Public Garden.

  •  Limassol Municipal Gardens, 28th October Avenue , Limassol
  • Tel: 25 344402, 25 344952, 25 745919

Thursday 08.29.2013, 8.00pm
• Limassol Philharmonic Orchestra.
• Welcome by the Mayor of Limassol.
• Grand Opening Celebration of the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mr. George Lakkotrypi.
• Cultural program from the Choir “Ariones’ with new songs of wine and dances by the Cultural Dance Group” Dionysus ”

A Program 
Municipal Garden Theatre, 8.00pm

Friday 30/08/2013
The group “Theatrical Trail” presents the musical play “Kalinyfta» Marina Vrondis directed Achilles Grammatikopoulos. Starring: Marina thunder, Yiannis Ioannou, Fani Socrates Antonis Charalambous and Chloe Melidou.

Saturday 08/31/2013
The Theatre Workshop of the City Through Neighborhood presents the comedy by Molière “Zorz, Dandin, wife totally confused.”

Sunday 01/09/2013
Theatro Ena presents the comedy duo known theatrical Repa – Papathanasiou Rau (Oyst from here) directed by Andreas Araouzou. Starring: Sotiris Mestanas, Erica Begeti, Manolis Michaelides Penny Foiniri other known actors.

Monday 02/09/2013
“And kopanato … and kopanato … “with Georgalletos.
‘s Georgalletos with folk music in a single program of the best songs of wine and mirth …

Tuesday 03/09/2013
The Satirical Theatre presents a Cypriot topical satirical comedy of King Constantine directed by Stelios Kafkaridis “Troika; Vartan … oregano! “. Starring: Popi Avraam, Marianna Kafkaridis, Claus Michael Fotis Apostolidis other known actors.

Wednesday 09/04/2013
The Theatre “Dionysus” presents the Cypriot comedy Sotos Orites
“The Papafigou.” Starring: Costas Demetriou, Chris Young and Helena Christofi, Haris Pisia other known actors.

Thursday 05/09/2013
The Theatre “ladder” presents comedy Sammy Fagiat “How to rob a bank” directed by Christos Zanou. Starring: Costas Kazakas, Monica Meleki, Sophocles Kaskaounias, Joanna Polynices, Andreas Melek, Phoebus Georgiadis Kalliroi crown.

Friday 06/09/2013
The ETHAL presents Cypriot comedy of Christ Zanou “The chorkon of mosquitoes.” Starring: George Zenios, Costas Cough, Chrys Chrysanthou Eleana Papadopoulos and Andreas Nicolaides.

Saturday 09/07/2013
Katerina Kouka in a special concert.

Sunday 08/09/2013

The Association “Journey to Silence – Cyprus Sign Language” presents the play “All about the money …”.

The internationally renowned Cypriot magicians Andreas and Nikolas Liotatis have an amazing program magic.

II Program
Ahead of the Vraka, 9.00pm

Friday 30/08/2013
Traditional wine songs by the Group of Cypriot Serenaders.

Saturday 08/31/2013
Traditional wine songs by the choir “Ariones.”

Sunday 01/09/2013
Regaling and folk songs from the “Rembetiki Group.”

Monday 02/09/2013
Traditional wine songs by the Group of Cypriot Serenaders.

Tuesday 03.09.2013
Wine songs by the choir “Ariones.”

Wednesday 09/04/2013
folk music from the band “Lucifer.”

Thursday 05/09/2013
Traditional wine songs by the Group of Cypriot Serenaders.

Friday 06/09/2013
Traditional wine songs by the choir “Ariones.”

Saturday 09/07/2013
Traditional wine songs by the Group of Cypriot Serenaders.

Sunday 08/09/2013, 8.00pm
Wine songs by the choir “Ariones.”

Sunday 09.08.2013, 9.30m.m.
Solemn closing ceremony with music and dances from the Group Limassol Folklore Research, with audience participation.

III Program 
tennis courts, 8.00pm

Friday 30/08/2013
The Dancing Group St. Athanasius presents a rich cultural program with traditional Cypriot dances.

Saturday 08/31/2013
The Cultural Society ‘Homecoming’ Pissouri presents traditional dances from Crete, Pontus and Thrace.

Sunday 01/09/2013
The internationally renowned Cypriot magicians Andreas and Nikolas Liotatis have an amazing program magic.

Monday 02/09/2013
The Cultural Association “Zedros” Polemidion presents a varied program of traditional Cypriot dances tsiattista and songs.

Tuesday 03/09/2013
The internationally renowned Cypriot magicians Andreas and Nikolas Liotatis have an amazing program magic.

Wednesday 09/04/2013
The Folklore Society of Limassol presents a varied program of folk dances and songs from Cyprus and Asia Minor.

Thursday 05/09/2013
The Cultural Association “New Horizons” presents dances from Greece.

Friday 06/09/2013
The Cultural Society Coop Ayias presents a varied program with Greek dances.

The Cultural Society Apesia “TREMITHOS” presents a varied program of traditional Cypriot dances.

Saturday 09/07/2013
The Cultural Association “Close to Tradition” presents traditional Cypriot dances, songs and tsiattista.

At the Municipal Puppet, 7.30pm

Saturday 08/31/2013
The Shadow Taki X “Ttofis presents the hilarious comedy” Karagiozis amid economic crisis ”

Sunday 01/09/2013
The Shadow John Paphia presents the hilarious comedy “The enigmas Vezyropoulos and lie to Pasha.”

Saturday 09/07/2013
The puppeteer George IDALI presents the hilarious comedy “Karagiozis, Shadows.”

Sunday 08/09/2013
The Bananoulis the Pippi and their friend Always at the Wine Festival.

Note: During the Wine Festival Philharmonic Limassol Municipality will perform in various locations in the garden as follows:

Thursday 08/29/2013 at 7.30pm South entrance

Sunday 08/09/2013 at 7.30pm front of Vraka.


Monday, the 26th and Tuesday, August 27th from 9:00 a.m.
Tasting Room wineries ETKO
Wine Tasting by Wine three-member committee which will be chaired by
Dr. George Solea, Senior Vice President of Security and Quality
of Monopoly Canada.

• Heracles Christopher
President of Sommeliers Cyprus
• Thoukis George
Oenology – Viticulture, Agriculture Officer A ‘

Wednesday, August 28, 6.00m.m: Workshop on “The present situation of the Cyprus Vineyard and prospects for improvement”.
Municipal Cultural Center “Panos Solomonidis»

The event will be the talk below:

• Dr. Stephen KOUNDOUROU, Assistant Professor of Viticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Status Viticulture Cyprus
• Dr.. Akis Zambartas, wine producers
ampelographic approach Vineyard of Cyprus

Then will be communicating the tasting by Dr.. George Solea and will review the progress of the Cyprus Wine. Followed award diplomas to all the wineries participating with their products in gourmet dining.

Saturday 08/31/2013: Starting at 12 noon after parking Air.
The Club Old Cars Limassol “LEPAL ‘in festive ride antique cars in the tourist area and into the city with termination Square Afxentiou (Headquarters).


Cyprus Wine Museum

Live the experience manufacturing Cypriot wine of five thousand five hundred years, while enjoying a glass and discover the wide variety of wines produced today.

Open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 5.00pm. You can get there by bus 16.
For information call 25 873808

Free Transfer the wine festival

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation provides a free air-conditioned buses

Friday 08/30/2013, Saturday 08/31/2013, Sunday 09/01/2013
Friday 09/06/2013, Saturday 07/09/2013, Sunday 08/09/2013

18:30 Departure from Handicraft Centre in Nicosia
20:00 Arrival at Wine Festival
23:00 Departure from Wine Festival
24:15 Arrival at the Handicraft Centre in Nicosia

19:00 by King Paul Square (CTO Information Office) in Larnaca
20:00 Arrival at Wine Festival
23:00 Departure from Wine Festival
24.00 Arrival at King Paul Square (CTO Information Office) in Larnaca

Ayia Napa
18:30 Departure from the parking lot of the Ayia Napa Monastery
20:00 Arrival at Wine Festival
23:00 Departure from Wine Festival
24:15 Arrival at parking the Monastery of Agia Napa

18:30 Departure from the Municipal Car Park (near the mosaics)
20:05 Arrival at Celebration
23:00 Departure from Wine Festival
24.00 Arrival at the Municipal Parking Area

For information contact the Information Offices CTO at:
Nicosia: 22-674264
Larnaca 24-654322
Paphos: 26-930521
Ayia Napa: 23-721796

Hours Festival:
Daily from 7.00pm until 11.00m.m.
Friday – Saturday from 7.00pm until 11.30m.m.

Ticket price:
Adults: over 18 years: € 6.00
With adult ticket, the visitor is entitled to a FREE bottle of wine from the winery of choice: ETKO, LOEL and SODAP.

Teenage: from 13 to 18 years old: € 5.00
Children: up to 12 years old: € 4.00

Plastic bottle of wine: € 1.50
Wine glass: € 1.50
Wine glass with stem: € 2.50

The Municipality offers free ample parking east of the Garden Theatre (Pafilia plots).

The program is subject to change.
For information call 25 344402, 25 344952, 25 745919

For more information:  The program in Greek : Photography and News Exclusive by ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ ΛΕΜΕΣΟΣ:

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