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A CTO Tourist Office Closes but will New York really lose out?

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Bluntly put….A most welcomed move that will bring us closer to overcoming an outdated structure and network of promotion offices that have outlived their utility and under-delivering to the true needs of an industry, let alone customers; irrespective of their age group.

Labelled as shortsightedness, the reality is that actually the structure of the CTO will still be left standing albeit with a reduced number of supporting offices. We can be sorry about the lost jobs,  trade and PR contacts, but it’s inevitable that these relations are finally entering the new era of tourism support and effectiveness sought out by travellers and the trade at it’s source.

Brand ownership, community linking and tourism intelligence are all functions fundamental for the connected trade and travellers, yet none of these aspects are managed nor owned by current DMO structure in Cyprus.  And then we’re surprised at studies that show that 53% of Britons who’ve been to Cyprus failed to place it on a map.

Was there ever an inconvenience to associate Cyprus with Greece?  Well, Promotional Tourism Policies never did think so , obviously not, except when you’re actually proven to be cultivating ignorance by doing so.

Fact of the matter is that the economic crisis and its millions of impacts surged during the banking crisis has perhaps helped more to situate Cyprus on a map than any of the informational campaigns cumulatively made in the last 30 years.

Surprised to hear about offices closing? –  we announced that Tourism 1.0 died in Cyprus on Green Monday 2013, it’s just that we’re seeing only now the first  consequences.

Are we on the path towards getting closer to proper ownership of Tourism opportunities? Regretfully not.

What do you think?


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