Cyprus Tourism digital content on request, collaborative and crowdsourced

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Cyprus Tourism awakens to the need for collaborative and crowdsourced content: To your cameras People!!

A photography competition for the purchase of photographs from residents to be used to promote the island as a tourist destination abroad.

Mediterranean treasure naturally-Cyprus

4 years ago a path was set forward to bridge a digital gap

Years after a collaborative strategy was put into an action plan for capacity building, the day has finally arrived that the CTO awakens to the imperative needs of addressing content, and remunerated collaborative work.

What was denied to us then, today is finally being offered out in the open.

2 years of free digital marketing work at the service of Cyprus Tourism, an outreach effort that was bootstrapped then, sees itself validated in the announcement by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation for digital content, crowdsourced and remunerated.

All we can advise,  is to take the proper steps and realise what we among those who strongly believe that the experience of generosity and warmth in Cyprus, remains #Cyprusawesomeness.

This incidentally can be discovered and experience through the wealth of photographers openly participating for years on Flickr and Google+ with infinitely more taste.

If people have been doing it for years, it’s surprising tha the CTO crowdsourcing tactic offer such a shallow level of social engagement, today.

The Awakening

A Free Collaborative Path Broken

Get into the flow, but who needs the CTO?

Realease it in cyprus feel the flow

In cyprus you can release it and catch the feeling

Photo Credit:
Naturally Cyprus; Kite Surf by Extreme Sports

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