Message to the Cyprus Tourism Trade

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Cyprus Re-find yourself!

Shine as the hub that you have always been.

Jean-Claude Baumgarten, Chairman and CEO of CREWE Associates, and former President of the World Travel & Tourism Council, is adamant in his resolve that Cyprus is not wanting for anything to build a successful tourism model:  it merely needs the right people, in the right positions who must take the right action.

“The field is open for Cyprus; the possibility of new markets is tangible.

Cyprus must take advantage of what it already has. Cyprus needs to reinvent itself from being a singular destination, to really promoting itself as regional hub, where travellers will pass through Cyprus on their way to other destinations and they can be encouraged to stay and discover the experience on offer.


Cyprus’ industry stakeholders now need to work to convince airlines that Cyprus is the perfect gateway.   How? ‘Collaborate’ > Path to a connected Cyprus Tourism Trade

Do not be fooled into thinking that in order to build relationships abroad, you need to spend money to open Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) offices.

All you need is a team committed to action. And do not overlook the social network – it’s a fantastic tool, and the costs of spreading your message are minimal.   It’s a five-year plan. It takes time, but it’s worth it.   You need to practice transparency and simplicity to really accurately portray to select markets what you have to offer.

Of course, careful and researched branding must come into play first, to ensure that all private and public parties in Cyprus are united in their strategy.  

And if you feel that you need more creativity to be able to do this, then get creative people.

Let the younger generations in, or seasoned professionals from other industry factions who may be able to bring new insights based on their experiences. Let them brainstorm: think outside your box.   The bottom line is that you cannot escape the vicious cycle of talking and not doing without trying something new.  

Jean-Claude Baumgarten spoke at Hermes Airports’ and PWC Cyprus’ joint venture, ‘Air Connectivity Development for Cyprus through Change, Cooperation and Innovation’, held at the Filoxenia Conference Centre on January 9, 2014.  More of the Article at Re-inventing Cyprus


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