Cyprus Tourism in search of synchronicity

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The right people, in the right positions, who must take the right actions.

A central message that leaves no doubts about successful execution of growth strategies, and the importance of an industry desperately needing to reclaim it’s true vocation.

A timely statement, for a timely event

Expressed at the latest Filoxenia Event, Air Connectivity Development for Cyprus through Change, Cooperation and Innovation, by Jean-Claude Baumgarten – one can observe that the timing was so appropriate, even to the newly appointed chairman of the Board of Directors of Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) Costas Kadis,  who was probably busy preparing his first press conference: delivering on a promise to work  methodically and enthusiastically for better days to come in Cyprus Tourism.

Many grey days in the National Theatre of Tourism still to come?

While the drama of ‘Les Contes d’Orountiotis‘  is thankfully over, the reality is that, the poisonous trail of the exiting board will prevail for quite some time, and to which,  no dose of creativity, nor collective wisdom will suffice to shake the foundations of a tourism that has been misled  for the last decade.

Grey days are still to come….because essentially Cyprus Tourism is out of synch with the times, the essence of the destination and the potential of it’s service.

Currently, it’s an industry at the mercy of incompetence and indifference. One sitting with the way the island is marketed and the other, sitting with the prime objective to which the industry is actually serving.

Tell me who you serve and I will tell you which are you ills.

One may wish, reading these words…. if only Cyprus Tourism industry could serve its proper master. More than ever, in a connected world, we re-discover how much  the Customer actually rules.

Isn’t it high time, for the people in touch with customer realities to be freed to upgrade their game, so the proper value, rewards and love, be legitimately shared?

Welcome Mr. Kadis, welcome.


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