Even the best laid out plans can be improved

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What to do when your best laid plans all implode and not all is lost – In travel there is always a brighter horizon ahead

But what happens when something even more awesome is born?


We can’t but celebrate the account of new travelling parents and  the surprising result of their 5 month backpacking adventure.  Having to change plans due to lack of connectivity in the East Mediterranean Winters is hard enough.  But thinking of succumbing to the business logic of Air Travel is even worse. What were  they to do?

Lots of juggling and planning – but first….battling with misconceptions about travelling to little known countries.

Read their account on OurOyster.com

We’re extremely sorry for Crete…let’s hope that our traveling couple will in the near future make it out there too soon.

Photo Credit: OurOyster.com

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