Exploring Cyprus

Our latest Media travel collaborationNaturally Cyprus and DBH The Explore Larnaka Travel Series

The Larnaka Travel Series with DBH Travel @davidsbeenhere

Larnaka Welcomed explorations - a Travel seriesTeaming up David with the Naturally Cyprus and the Larnaka Tourism Board exploring seductive side of Cyprus.
An exciting time to have been able to fit 10 days into David’s tight travel schedule to enjoy Cyprus in it’s full splendor; spring, easter and Larnaka Openness , a perfect match and timing to explore the island.

None more appropriate than the Larnaka Tourism Board to have facilitated David’s welcome to the island and the city from which will be self-organising his daily excursions around the island that you will be able to follow on david’s twitter , facebook channels or his personal blog .

It’s no respite for David, even just landing at Larnaka International airport, David will be on his way to a discovery around Cyprus, with the added challenge of driving on the left-hand side on the road. We would like to thank him for his genuine interest and wish him the best time possible on the island.

Extend warmth, Feel Generosity, Experience Hospitality – everything else beyond, is sheer #Cyprusawesomeness

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