Green Monday Buzz in Cyprus

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Kathari Defthera – Green Monday is generally a day for renewal ahead of 50 days of fasting during Lent.

Unlike other Green Monday, this special Monday was not going to be so spectacular because of the flies, butterflies or kites buzzing across the skies, it’s more about the shock of this past week-end in Brussels that has  had the Cyprus name buzzing in all networks, unlike anything registered in the past editions ahead of the parliamentary vote on Tuesday afternoon..

Green Monday Buzzing Cyprus

As we welcomed Cyprus Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Mr. Lakkotrypis a few weeks ago,  it is unclear how the twitterverse explosion of attention will affect future media adoption  for customer service beyond the ‘bot’ like tourism tweets that the CTO has us accustomed to.

In total fairness and by the looks of things,  I’m not sure that those attending the EuroGroup meeting on Friday did expect this surge of media attention that their decisions would invoke.  And as some already have rightly mentioned, their own surprise to the situation would be most appropriately a reflection of their own competence. But the ball is more than ever in the Cyprus camp, as ECB governing council member sought to clarify:

“It’s the Cyprus government’s adjustment programme. If Cyprus’ president wants to change something regarding the levy on bank deposits, that’s in his hands. He must just make sure that the financing is intact. “The important thing is that the financial contribution of 5.8bn euros remains.”

Cyprus President and Parliament has no room for fumbles, and our guess is that we will all be very attentive.

Note: Buzz temperature taken with Tweetlevel, 18th March 17:00 hrs Cyprus Local Time, at which time BBC Article ‘Shock in Cyprus as savers face bailout levy‘ had been the most shared article with 1866 shares and with extensive editorial coverage by ZeroHedge

Update 19.04

cyprus bailout buzz


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